Cultured|HR aspires to be a trusted and respected human resources firm, recognized by our clients for providing the best possible HR support.

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To provide professional human resources support and guidance to emerging small and medium sized businesses.

About Us

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible human resources support for our clients.


Brandy Douglas, is the owner of Cultured|HR and specializes in providing human resources expertise to emerging small and medium sized businesses.

She is a human resources professional with over 10 years experience in private and non-profit organization. Her experience is in a variety of industries including; agriculture, architectural design, environmental and technology. She has provided strong human resources leadership to organizations, always with a personal, results based approach.

Brandy has always had a passion for people and believes that putting the time and energy into developing strong internal teams leads to a more engaged, productive and overall happy workplace. Her practical experience and knowledge of the human rights and the legal aspects of employee relations, has taught her the importance of having a strong team in your organization.

Brandy is a member of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) as well as a designated Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL). She maintains a Diploma in Human Resources Management and has received training in a variety of areas including coaching, leadership development, conflict resolution, and project management.

Brandy knows what hard work is and prides herself on passion for her job, her family and her friends. She is President Elect of the Guelph & District Human Resources Professional Association (GDHRPA), and is a council member and regular volunteer at her daughter's school.


We pride ourselves on providing the best possible human resources support for our clients. As a way of ensuring we maintain our own high standards we have established a set of values that reflect our skills, vision and the way we operate.

  • Commitment: We are committed to providing a complete human resources solution that fits each client's unique needs. To achieve this, we tailor our services to each client and deliver a professional service that is straightforward and easy to understand.

  • Trust and Integrity: We pride ourselves on our reputation and the service we provide. We will keep the promises we make and are committed to the highest standards of business principles and professionalism.

  • Expertise - We continuously strive to be the human resources partner of choice, we ensure that our consultants and support team remain up to date with all changes to employment legislation and best practice. Our clients receive only the best, most appropriate human resources advice.

  • Caring - About the client, community and the planet. We dedicate ourselves to treating others as we wish to be treated. We will not lead just with our words, but with our actions.

    Whatever your human resources needs, our practical support and approach will create measurable results, allowing you time to concentrate on doing what you do best - running your business. Human Resources consulting projects could include:

  • Creating employee handbooks, job descriptions, offer letters

  • Developing policies and procedures to ensure government compliance

  • Providing support and training to managers and employees

  • Performance management

  • Compensation analysis

  • Designing a recruiting strategy

  • Assisting with terminations

  • Ensuring health and safety requirements are met


    Your business needs to attract and retain top talent in order to stay on top of your competitors. As employers there are also government regulations you are required to comply with. Whether you are a new, or an established business, this approach ensures you have all the bases covered in your human resources strategy.

    After visiting your organization and reviewing your current policies and processes, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current human resources practice. Our goal is to build on your strengths and reduce the areas where you are vulnerable.

    This evaluation is complete and customized to your business. It will provide you with a clear human resources strategy, which in turn will provide you with years of value that will attract great employees to your business and ensure you comply with government requirements.

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